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Présentation is a company specialized in providing following services to organizers of cycling, foot, cross-country skiing, duathlon, triathlon races.
- Electronic timing and computerized rankings with our two systems transponders Tag Heuer® and two photo-finish,
- Manual timing and computerized rankings,
- Online registration,
- Dissemination of results.

We have two different electronic timing systems :
Each works on the same simple principle : each cyclist, runner or skier carries a chip (combined with his number for the Dag System®) or a transponder (at the ankle or on the bike for the Chronelec Tag Heuer® system) which is its identifier.
On the finish line (or at the start or on intermediate points), the chip (previously encoded by us) or the transponder is read by the antenna (Dag®) or the sensor wire (Chronelec-Tag Heuer®) and its data is sent instantly and recorded (via an interface box and a black box) on our computer station which decodes and enables us to establish a complete classification in real time.

For UCI cycling races, we also have a photo-finish (Vola Pro®) and an exclusive software for processing the results corresponding to UCI standards.

For running races, we use the FFA software GmDag® and our company is approved by the French Athletics Federation with the Dag System®.

With our equipment (two Tag Heuer® systemsand two photo-finish) and our qualified technicians, we can make our services on several races simultaneously.

Among our references :
Cycling races… in France : Etoile de Bessèges UCI 2.1, Tour de l’Ain UCI 2.1, Paris-Corrèze UCI 2.1, Tour de Normandie UCI 2.2, Tour des Pays de Savoie UCI 2.2, Tour du Val d’Aoste UCI 2.2U, Boucles de la Mayenne UCI 2.2, Ronde de Bourgogne Féminine, Trophée des Champions, Tour du Val Romey UCI 2.1J, Grand Prix Cristal Energie…

… all over the world : Tour of Norway UCI 2.1, Tropicale Amissa Bongo-Tour of Gabon UCI 2.1, Tour of South Africa UCI 2.2, Tour of Slovakia UCI 2.2, Tour of Rwanda UCI 2.2, Sibiu Tour UCI 2.2, Tour of Morocco UCI 2.2, Tour Ivoirien de la Paix UCI 2.2, Tour of Eritrea, Tour of Libya, Tour of Cameroon, Asian and African Continental Championships, Grand Prix Chantal Biya in Cameroon UCI 2.2, Route de l’Est in Ivory Coast, Challenges de la Marche Verte in Morocco UCI 1.2, Challenges Phosphatiers in Morocco UCI 1.2, African Games in Mozambique…